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Cassandra Anne Glass

TALK TOPIC: Weight Release for New World Wellness


Be of significant impact in this world by releasing the weight of the past, restoring your health and rewriting your body story. Raise the collective frequency while developing a soulful connection with your human.


Join Cassandra for a Channeled Message + Weight Release Ceremony


Cassandra Anne Glass is an Intuitive Health Coach, Cosmic Body Calibrator, Movement Medicine Woman and Weight Release Witch.


Guiding wo(men) to connect with the emotional and physical body for a powerful holistic transformation.


She is on a mission to raise the collective frequency through cellular health, physical movement, mental wellbeing and nervous system regulation.

Gifts from Cassandra

Weight Release + Wellness for New World Wo(men) Facebook Community:


60min Weight Release Session $333:


Apply for 3 Month Mentorship through DM:


FREE GIFT Unlock your Inner Rebel to shift the cycle of Self Sabotage:

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