Corrie Taylor

TALK TOPIC: Activating the Ascension Body Now.


As the DNA architecture unravels to its original templates, Corrie will open your remembrance of how to reweave your body and life so all you ever desired LANDS here and now. 


As Founder of Corrie Jae Collective and with 15yrs Clinical Experience as a Qualified Medical Herbalist, Corrie thrives on bridging 5D into 3D through the body so that Women can live there greatest potential now not tomorrow. 


Corrie is a channel and medical intuitive, working with the bone matrix to clear ancestral and present trauma, to allow for the Erotic Innoncence of you to be your Leadership. Boundless, unleashed, and confident in Health and Wealth Sovereignty. 


Living a life that turns you all the way on!

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A gift from Corrie

Come join my community for ONE FREE EMOTIONAL REBIRTH SESSION, where we face, trace, embrace and replace old wiring of the bones, to Activate the DNA of ASCENSION. Just message me here for the link. 

Or Jump straight into to our incredible mind blowing EMBODIED ASCENSION CODEX where all the puzzle pieces you have get to LAND and all your desires anchor in here and now for you to Visibly SHINE and have the IMPACT you desire to have in the World. 


It is time to activate your ASCENSION at a Subatomic Level! Let's get Embodied Ladies.