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Crystal Tiehen

TALK TOPIC: Preparing to access emotional and spiritual freedom - A Toolbox for Life

Inviting in a ground up approach that brings change and healing full circle.  

From birth we are programmed to recieve the world according to survival mode and dysfunctional conditioning.  We learn to suppress or cope with this way of being….however true embodiment requires a healthy nervous system.  

One of the simplest ways to rejuvenate, redirect, and reassure our nervous system is through breathwork.  

Introducing yourself to a simple, safe, and effective way to upgrade the nervous system.  This enhances all aspects of life and greatly supports your well being and continued evolution. 

Reforming our relationship with change is critical for the raise of human consciousness and our personal journey of embodiment.


I am Crystal Tiehen, Intuitive Wellness and Embodiment coach.  

I help humans move through drama, trauma, and karma to prepare and to access emotional and spiritual freedom.  

To truly make a transformative upgrade in our lives, we must change so much more than just our habits and behaviors.  

To truly allow massive change that is sustainable in day to day existence we need to work from our foundation:

Accessing our body.

With love from Crystal


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