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Gabrielle Clamp


Soul Leadership and the Path of the Dragon Embodiment


I am a Radiant Vision Catalyst and a Dragon embodiment EmpressI guide women ready to recall the Dragon that they are within their body & Live their Soul Legacy.

Gifts from Gabrielle


7/7 gate - Gold Dragon Fire Embodiment:

Activate your Multi-D wealth codes within your body to create a powerful and instant shift in your EMBODIMENT of your Creation Powers around Wealth.

The paradigm of Wealth creation is evolving at the speed of light right now, and the old ways are less and less working.

In this activation, you will receive guidance and tools with immediate implementation to:

- Understand your own and unique power of money creation in YOUR PHYSICAL REALITY as a spiritual entrepreneur

- Tap into the wider multi-D wealth paradigm anchoring right now this month on Earth (Activation of 3D wealth consciousness)

- Sovereignty vs Control

- Clear away all the density held within your body that doesn't allow you to tap into your full Wealth Embodiment Power like:
- Old frustrations
- Lack of Self Trust 
- Fear of disappointment
- ancestral, past lives and collective programming
and so on....
By activating your Spiritual Wealth Goldprint WITHIN YOUR BODY so that you can harness all your power for an impactful and flowing creation Power.

 Activate your multi-D wealth within your Body HERE:


- Monthly free Dragon Activations on my personal page
- 1-1 Single Dragon Fire Embodiment discovery session
- Radiant Success Creation: 6 months of 1-1 intimate experience to create your Soul Legacy.

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