Hear first hand from those who have walked the journey with Isabelle and embodied
their divine reality. 




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went from a draining office job, chronically depressed and deeply in debt, to being debt free, off medications, writing two books (one memoir) and running her very own women's rights activist NGO.

went from a dead-end career in a law firm, an toxic relationship and PTSD induced gut  issues, to travelling the world, pain and medication free, studying yoga, leading retreats, blogging, telling her story and training others to become their own kind of free and sustain it.

Went from teaching yoga part time at a small studio in London, chronic pain and allergies due to Fibromyalgia.. to opening up her own Wellness Centre, Teaching full-time, and has never been healthier, wealthier and full of purpose.




2016, United Kingdom, First cycle of the Born Free Course

“…in my experience, this is the most rapid and real course I’ve come across in spiritual communities around the planet.

Isabelle has spent years piecing together the active ingredients to lead one through from illusion into natural sovereignty in every way.

Literally, just being in contact with her (we’ve never met in person) shifted my perception immediately.


 It’s not something you can block... the effect of her, the teachings and the activations.. When you say yes to the sovereign journey with her, that’s it.


This course has changed both mine and my partner’s life in every way.

I pray that each person ready to step into REAL freedom, finds this course. I am and always will be grateful to Isabelle…

Unlike other teachers I’ve had and courses I’ve been on – she is humble, yet strong.


Other routes usually gave me a sense of looking for more afterwards.. but this gave me my own rememberance back and that has filled every part of my life. No more seeking...chasing.  Her information is integrated and pure. It’s nothing short of a miracle…”

"I met Isabelle just prior to my spiritual awakening, and she was actually the catalyst and the initiator and the activator of my true journey.

She had sparked something within me that needed to be ignited, that needed to awaken from a long, long sleep state.
Isabelle’s work - Is it is an immense blessing for our planet!

It's like a razor sharp sword - just cutting through any illusion,
through any limitation,
through any old ways and constructs.
She has greatly assisted me in recognizing my innate nature,
my essence as an eternal being of light, and so much more… since working with her.

You know, when I met her, she I was actually working in the banking industry. I was not in the spiritual field or healing field at all, and through her insights and her absolutely unparalleled ability to see one's blueprint, into one's energetic soul, essence and energetic bodies,
she was able to guide me to where I am today as a complete, full time spiritual healer, teacher and an author!




South Africa, Active Journey over  5 years

I cannot even describe the Magical, powerful, unparalleled abilities that this woman has, the light that she's able to hold in the physical form… Is absolutely beautiful and it is needed, I needed it. The collective needs it.

I'm beyond grateful for all that she has done, the guidance throughout my journey as a mentor and as a guide.

She enabled me to navigate my path with much more grace, with much more ease and really

Accelerate my journey.


It was possible because she would be the most divine bridge between myself and my divine self, and she would be able to bring forward truth and guidance that was needed at the exact moment.


There is an innate alignment when you just meet someone that you are destined to meet at that point in time.

So if you are called to work with her, if you are called to even cross Isabelle’s path! Let me tell you, this is no coincidence! 


This woman is magic…Beyond doubt, Beyond thought, beyond form.She is the epitome of a walking embodiment… Of the highest potential for humanity.


For me, she is that.She's a friend, she's a guide, she is a needed vessel of the Divine.For you. And for the collective as well.


Thank you, Isabelle, for all that you do! I'm honored and Immensely grateful…For who you are, what you have done, what you are doing,and what is still to come!


Sending all of my love." 



"... I've just finished my first 2 weeks with Isabelle and I've got SOOOO much more energy, I feel SUPER supported, I feel TOTALLY light... and I have no words to describe the feeling I have... I can say.. it's like COMING HOME! I've just gotten a new business partner and got my house plans approved - in 2 WEEKS! Life is meant to feel AMAZING! We have all been sleeping!!! Isabelle is a gift to us all. I can't believe how much has already happened. I AM FREE!


"So much gratitude. I also had the honour to be in contact with her a few years ago. She sparked my awakening and I pursued my passion to be a full-time artist and healer. I left a toxic marriage of 17 years and became my true, authentic self. Currently in a conscious partnership." 

- Sandra Fuccetti

- Tharina Buys

"I'm not keeping her to myself anymore - My incredible mentor (for over a year) is Isabelle Meiring! Her gifts are out of this world! Her process is laser sharp and loving. I wrote my book because of her, I have my life back because of her! Grace & Gratitude!  


- Mandy


" After decades of confusion, pain, feeling completely alone, one single connection with Isabelle had cracked my tiny little world right open. She was a huge catalyst for change within me, Isabelle gave me those tools to make big and lasting changed within myself and my life. Once your consciousness is open to this, nothing is impossible..."

- Rosie Stevens


"I would not only recommend Isabelle I would implore you to rush to book an appointment with her, I would tell you that her work is literally life-changing, I would tell you she is born to delve into your soul and spring clean it, to dissolve past patterns and liberate your being..."

- Lynn Easton


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