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with Isabelle Meiring

Gift your organisation with the necessary tools it requires to thrive by inviting Isabelle as a motivational guest speaker. 

Due to her deep knowledge and experience as a Transpersonal Therapist, Quantum Energy Master, Clairvoyant, Author, and Coach, Isabelle can extensively address a range of topics suited to your organisation's needs. 

Please find below the details of Isabelle's Guest Speaking services.


Through her wisdom of the human psyche, and visceral, somatic, and energetic bodies, Isabelle can eloquently provide members of a school, clinic or centre with a fundamental understanding on the topics of - but not limited to - trauma responses, victim mentality, addiction, limiting behaviours, self-confidence, and self-worth. Isabelle's inspiring words and contagious presence act as the perfect catalyst for groups to realise their subconscious limitations and take the first steps towards embracing their full potential. 


Experience an unparalleled increase in staff motivation and productivity as Isabelle paves the way to optimal drive and successful teamwork. Utilising Isabelle's practical techniques and expert guidance as a Therapist and Coach, release the individual limitations and blocks that are holding your business, organisation or company back from embodying its most aligned, prosperous state.


Allow Isabelle's insight and support to guide your group through understanding their subconscious blocks and their origins. By adding this transformative feature to your event, you'll provide your attendees with the opportunity to overcome their personal limitations and step into their most aligned, sovereign selves. 

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