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Jennifer De Rossi

TALK TOPIC: Choosing Love over Fear

This life is filled with infinite possibilities, stretching out to the furthest corners of the universe. Jennifer’s mission is to help others choose love over fear, and expand our awareness of the beauty, wonder and inspiration available to us – no matter the circumstances. 


Jennifer De Rossi is a creative soul, inspired by the deep complexities of life as it flows through everything and everyone. She is a mixed media artist, and holds several certifications including yoga and meditation teacher, and spiritual coach. As a new mother, at the age of 31, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and entered her dark night of the soul – an event that she now believes was the greatest blessing and awakening of her life thus far. Embarking on her healing journey, Jennifer quickly became fascinated by the world of holistic wellness, quantum physics and spirituality.

Her curiosity and thirst for knowledge led her to study many modalities that activated a higher consciousness. Through these practices, Jennifer was able to heal herself from a lifetime of emotional blocks and free herself from the limiting beliefs that kept her trapped in a cycle of dis-ease. Along this path, she grew to love the potent healing power of attending women’s circles. Inspired to create more connection, Moonstone Collective was born. Hosting and facilitating events, retreats, soul circles, weekly virtual meditations and personal growth courses, this community of like-minded women cultivates connection and sacred space on the journey to self-discovery, holistic wellness and inspired living.

With Love from Jennifer


@jenniferderossi or @moonstonecollectivewellness


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