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Kathryn Mussell

TALK TOPIC: Being in Superconscious Superflow

In the age of greater intuitive awareness, now taking hold on the planet, your experience of time is one of an ever-expanding now moment.

When you keep syphoning energy off to lament or sensationalize the past or worry about or invest all of your energy in a future outcome, you will feel clipped, closed-off and unmoored.

When you keep redirecting attention, focus and awareness to what is happening for you NOW, you realize these moment-to-moment experiences of presence contain everything that you need.

It is a kind of saturation of awareness.

Energy moves to light speed.

The breach or gap in between the continuum of events and experiences goes quantum-- not instant manifestation necessarily, but accelerated increments of progression.

The shifting energy flow right now is a wild ride.

YOU CAN flow into and skillfully navigate the curves and dips, the ebb and flow and hold softly and loosely to new outcomes and solutions---because the trust you feel, and your innate capabilities of intuitive acuity are a better match to the frequency on this planet than ever before.


Kathryn Mussell is an Intuitive Channel in service of Unity Consciousness as a teacher, speaker, author, New Earth Visionary and Elevated Consciousness Coach.

With love from Kathryn

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