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Khadoma Colomby

TALK TOPIC: Vulvacious : Embodied Eros as a Lifestyle

Join Khadoma for a talk on connecting to the power of Eros as the creative and igniting truth of our embodied wisdom as women.


She will be teaching about how the reclaiming of your Womb and Vulva are foundational for your intuition and inner life force, and will end with a meditation connecting you into these sacred parts of your body as your inner temple.


Khadoma Colomby is a Vulva Artist, Womb Whisperer and Sacred leader in the Art of Feminine Initiation.  She works with the power of the womb and Feminine Eros to support women back into their wild and wise bodies.Through the power of initiation and healing, she helps women REMEMBER their inner wilderness, RECLAIM their authentic desires, and REFRAME their lives in a way that supports who they really are, underneath all the conditioning. 


She is passionate about Detoxing the patriarchy from our body and being as women, so that we can rise up together to create a new world.

Gifts from Khadoma

Womb Awake Meditation and journal prompts:


Your Cycles are your Superpowers Feminine Power Map:


The Pussy Project Party Invite:

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