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Melonie Kolton


Sacred Womb Awakening - Invoking the Wisdom of the Womb



Melonie Kolton is a Sacred Womb Doula & Catalyst for Sisterhood. 

She supports the next level woman in unlocking the wisdom of her womb, to awaken her creatress & rebirth through the divine Feminine within her. 


Melonie is an Intuitive Healer, Soulfilled Mentor and founder of the Soulfilled Sisterhood.Melonie has a soul purpose in guiding women back into to their inner flame of purpose, passion & desire, and healing the essence of divine feminine energy through Sisterhood, and the reunion with the sacred masculine. 


Melonie sees a vision of a collaborating sisterhood , a collective of energies , bringing the feminine energy into balance , creating a sacred space for all Healers, Goddesses, Priestesses, Medicine Women, Shamans, Witches, Wise Women, Sisters , Soulseers, Guides and Spiritual Leaders to find support to step into their gifts , achieve consciousness and have global impact.


Are you ready to awaken the portal and become the Creatress of your divine destiny?!

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