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Suzi Zobrist

TALK TOPIC: Womb Sovereignty as our Birthright


You are the ancient Wisdom Keepers & Medicine Women. It is your birthright to know the power & wisdom of your womb space and how to care for it. Now is the time to reclaim your sovereignty and become an embodied authority for the health of our womb, pelvis, & p*ssy.


Step into your power as the Wise Womb Healer with 3 embodiment practices that cultivate a deeper connection to your womb space, reconnects you to the wisdom held within your center, and restores a deep reverence & respect for the sacredness of your body & life.


Suzi Zobrist (she/her) is a Womb Wisdom Keeper, Pelvic Care Specialist, Sexological Bodyworker & Creatress of Root Medicine Healing. Suzi’s sacred offerings are in devotion to the womb, pelvis, p*ssy, & Spirit through Intimate 1:1 Mentorship, Courses, Retreats, Hands on-in Ceremonial Bodywork, and in-person Immersive Experiences.

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