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Uncover the map you are born with and lose in the first years of your life... and realise the divine design of your own existence, through discovering the courage to accept the greatest truths hidden within humanity.

"This book will be loved, and it will be cherished. It will be questioned, and it will be judged. Most of all, it will be True." 

In the beginning there was the word, and the word was not God. 

There was no existence of words as we now acknowledge them, there was only sound. 

Sound is as true to form, as water is to the ocean. 

Sound is another phase of form, matter. One can see sound as the beginning, primary, or primitive phase of matter itself. 

Bear with me - you'll need to allow many previous thought forms and identifications to crumble within you, in order to remain true to cultivating and receiving the simplicity of the information contained within these pages. This is only the beginning.

Jesus Blueprint.png

Within this journey you are embarking upon by moving through this book, we will excavate all the fundamental dusty building blocks of our divine existence here as humans on Earth and begin to truly weave together the fabrics of these two seemingly different sides of our reality.

This book is not about Jesus – it is more about You.
Jesus had total access to these divine building blocks of the reality which we all are truly born with, and he succeeded in embodying and living within this sublimely simple and exceptionally expansive state.

It is time to learn from his existence entirely and have the courage to explore what it would mean to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our dear brother, Jesus.

It is your faith that drew you here, and that is what one can trust most, above all – the faith that feels so abstract yet, so fundamental to the grounding of your life.

I trust you to remain open, because I trust your faith.
I don’t refer to any faith in particular – I mean the kind of faith that pulls you in directions which logic wouldn’t, the faith that guides you to take one more step when your logic says stop, the faith that tugs at your heart when you most need it, the faith that resides in every sunset and sunrise, the faith that lives in the reflection of your child’s eyes, the faith that brought you to this very moment where I am honoured enough to share this with you – the faith that lives within you endlessly.

That faith is about to become amplified and embraced to it’s greatest potential.
The only sign that you are ready for this to occur within you, is the fact that you are holding this book. Otherwise, you would’ve chosen a different, encouraging and satisfying book, an empowering one and of course, still good to have – yet just not the full spectrum of what your life has been longing for.

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